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Selena Gomez’s secret for a glowing skin


Thanks to heart-shaped stone, a product from famous skincare brand Kora Organics, the voice of Fetish song is more charming and gorgeous.

Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo has recently shared a video showing that he used a smart tool to massage Selena’s skin. She really enjoyed this new beauty skincare.

So what really makes this pink heart-shaped stone attract Disney hot teen?

Glowing skin becomes a hot trend in beauty society. If you do not have enough time or money to go to spa, you can use this useful tool at home to enhance your natural beauty.

Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor is a part of “angel” Miranda Kerr’s skin care brand, Kora Organics. It is made of Rose quartz which is a beautifying and healing stone. It helps to ease tension and stress, increase self-love.

This facial tool can be used in combination with creams, facial oils or serums to help improve circulation and skin tone for a naturally glowing and luminous complexion. It also reduces puffiness, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, promotes lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxin.

Besides its “magical” influence, this stone is easy to use and not time-consuming. Gently massage your face and neck 3 to 5 minutes daily for best result. Your face becomes energized and uplifted after massaging with this facial sculptor. This is such a good new for beauty lovers who have a busy life like Selena Gomez.  

With a lovely design, approximate dimension 76.2mm x 76.2mm x 6.35mm, and amazing usefulness, this smooth tool has conquered even famous makeup artist, super stars like Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr,…

Besides music career, Selena has recently combined with Puma launching a Sneakers collection for energetic girls which interests many young people.

Puma Defy Luxe

Puma Phenom High-Top Satin

Selena Gomez together with Puma’s #DoYou campaign

Although Selena has a hectic business schedule, whenever she shows up, this super star is always complimented on her healthy skin and sexy body. It can’t be denied that this massage rose quartz stone is one of Selena’s best beauty tips. How about you. Are you interested in this magical tool?

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