MAISON de Mode Story

Launched in 2002, Maison Joint Stock Company (Maison) quickly became one of the largest  fashion distributors in Vietnam. Maison has a strong history of introducing the most high-end and luxurious International fashion brands to Vietnam. Following the success of our very first store, Maison is now the home to more than 18 worldwide recognized brands  with more to come in 2022. We are committed to bringing new and hot trends to town for our loyal fashion lovers to drown in an endless sense of style.

Maison both spreads the luxurious-wearing culture as well as delivers a value driven, customer focused and responsible fashion base in our continued effort to make Vietnam a trendier place for all fashionistas.

Our history


Maison was established nearly 16 years ago and we have many proud moments in our history that we are pleased to share with you:


We Maisonistas dedicate ourselves to the fashion industry by putting our spirit and passion for fashion into everything we do under our core values.. We believe that by consistently putting our values in practice we will create long-term benefits for our team, customers, partners and the fashion World we serve.

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    Maison encourages open and direct communication where everyone’s opinion is listened to  in an open-minded manner. 

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    High quality

    Maison sets high expectations for product quality and customer satisfaction. We create a brilliant working environment to consistently meet our goals.

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    At Maison we respect diversity and people’s ideas. We work hard to ensure that there are always opportunities for all of our team in both their career and self- development. We believe that our human resources are a core asset to strengthen our business and sustain our growth.

why us?

“We provide our partners with an extensive knowledge of the Vietnamese Fashion industry. Our experience in launching new brands will save you time and money when expanding into the global market.”

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